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Welcome To The Cove...

This community was founded in 2011 as a permanent online oasis for mermaid-kin of all ages. Throughout the years, this community has changed and grown, acquiring members of just just those with mer-souls, but those of many other aquatic races and spirits as well. The Cove now proudly serves as home to a wide range of people. We are a community for water element based spirits and souls. (I.e Mermaids, Water Fae, Nymphs, Undines, Selchies, Sea Dragons, Atlanteans, Lemurians, etc) As well as starseeds, crystal children, and those engaged in crystal, cosmic, and sea based witchery. 


This is a spiritual community that will focus on meditation, connecting with your inner self, Sea Magick, and much more.

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by ~Allianna~ 25 hours ago
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